With our integrated marketing solutions, you’ll be sure to stand out amongst your competition and achieve your marketing goals. Unlike other agencies who may only focus on 1 vertical, we recognise that to get the biggest impact you have to have all 3 verticals.


Marketing Strategy

Analysis and formulation of a comprehensive integrated marketing strategy for your brand.


Social Media Audit

A comprehensive analysis of your Facebook or Instagram back-end to have an overview of past campaigns and recommend the future campaigns that drive engagement back to your brand.


Social Media Advertising

Oversee your advertising and manage ad spend on social media. Do testing and social amplification of the effective ad campaigns.



Conceptualising the copy for social media posts to have a strong call to action to drive traffic back to your brand.


Content Strategy

Create a content strategy and theme in a form of a social media calendar to have an overview of the strategy for the month.


Content Execution

Follow the content calendar and regularly post on both Facebook and Instagram to have a consistent brand message that are pushed to a targeted audience.


Graphic Content

Creation of visually appealing graphic content that will be circulated on social media for maximised reach and brand awareness. Such as posters, banners, infographics, cinemagraphs, videos

Editorial Content

Create engaging written content that will resonate to your target audience to drive back engagement with your brand.


On-Ground Activations

Conceptualisation of on-ground activations that link up with the overall marketing strategy and branding


Planning of Activation

Pre-Production of the activation from timeline, vendor sourcing, etc. Pulling together all the loose ends to make the activation happen


On-Ground Execution

Present to execute the activation on-ground from beginning to end. Inclusive of post-reporting and analysis of activation


Video & Photography

Video creation of on-ground activation for post marketing promotion or for company records.